Members advantages

Exclusive connections and comercial agreements
Golf Club Barcelona has multiple connections and comercial agreements with other clubs, both national and international level, and exclusive conditions for members only.

The club benefits all its members with a range of invitations at an attractive price for friends and family no members to come and enjoy the Club with or without you!

Practice zone free access
Do yo want to practice both long and short game? As a member you could use the practice zone as many times you want with an special price to use the ball’s machine.

Special prices in open championships
We offer to our members an inscription special price on a selection of championships celebrated at the club which some of them are exclusive social participation. In addition, we celebrate social events serveral times a year where golf, local gastronomy and entertainment are guaranteed.

Discounts on services

Members will benefit from interesting advantages and discounts on the restaurant, buggies, motos or electric car’s renting, ball’s machine, sticks and locker’s safekeeping and also in our child school of golf.

Summer pool free access
Golf Club Barcelona has two summer pools, one of them designed for the little ones. It is the perfect place to celebrations during summer period and it is for all club members.

Family Pack
Family with children in Golf Club Barcelona will benefit from priority economical conditions. For further information contact with Secretaría.

Club’s active participation
Our members will be involved and they will actively participate in the club. It could be by voting on the members general anual assambly, on the different comisions and comitees or taking part of the club competition teams.