Golf course

campo de prácticas


The Driving Range is an area wide enough to incorporate many players at the same time. It has a clear zone in order to practice directly from the grass and another cover zone with practice rug, two of them with a mirror, which it allows us to check our positions in the stance, backswing top, finish, etc…  The Driving Range is very large so we could practice with all the sticks, driver included. It is so width too so it allows us to practice the effects. There are distance markers of 50, 100, 150 and 200 metres, as well as several flags to aim to. The Driving Range will be closed for maintenance from Wednesday at 18:00 hours until Thursday at 09:30 hours approximately.


The putting green properly said is nearby the Club House, on the way to hole 1. Furthermore, Golf course has a green where you could do putt practice as well as hit shot to green.


The Chipping Green is well maintained so it is used as a second putting green.


The approach zone has a little green protected by two bunkers. It allows us to practice the sort game form the grass and from other distances. It is indicated to shot practice on slope too.


On the left side of the Driving Range it is the bunker zone where you could practice the street bunker as well as the short and medium serve. There are two more bunkers to practice short serve.

The 18 holes track has 28 street bunkers and 48 green, so it is important to practice the bunker because it is likely to fall in one.